Stay hydrated

2L Hydrapak & 3L SOURCE Hydration Bladders

Stay hydrated with the 2L Hydrapak hydration system for the Zac Speed Comp 2, or the high quality SOURCE 3L Hydration System for our Comp 3, Recon, Sprint and Dakar packs. These two options are perfect to maintain performance on your next ride.

3L SOURCE Hydration Bladder System

The 3L SOURCE Hydration System is the premium hydration system kit for your Zac Speed adventure. With loads of features, this is the perfect bladder for the Comp 3, Sprint, Recon and Dakar Configr8 packs.

Hydrate on the go with Zac Speed and the SOURCE hydration system, with 3L of liquid storage, it’s perfect for a day adventure or longer.

Featuring weave-covered drinking tube that blocks UV radiation, a Helix bite valve to prevent dripping and leaking, is BPA-free and Taste-Free giving no plastic aftertaste – this is the perfect solution for your next ride.

2L HydraPak Hydration Bladder

This low profile Hydrapak Bladder system features an expandable 1.5L to 2.0L system specifically for the Comp 2 Zac Speed pack.

Stay hydrated, but with minimal capacity for those faster, lighter rides.

Stay hydrated

Whether it's the 2L Hydrapak or 3L SOURCE hydration system, we've got you covered.

Both of these hydration systems offer a unique hydration experience. With two systems, suitable for different Zac Speed Configr8 packs, the fit into our packs is perfect.

Choose the Hydrapak 2L hydration bladder for the Comp 2, or level up to the 3L SOURCE hydration system for the Comp 3, Dakar, Recon and Sprint packs.

These high quality, reusable bladders will keep you hydrated for your next ride.

Helix Bite Valve

SOURCE Helix Bite Valve features a 360 degree cylindrical valve with soft bite which eliminates the need for a specific mouth orientation. The retreat spring sealing mechanism is leak proof even under pressure.

Source Mag Clip

The SOURCE Magnetic Clip holds the tube of your Hydration System in place. It can be easily attached to shirt, shoulder strap or Molle strap, which is great for your Zac Speed hydration solution.

Source Insulated Hose

The SOURCE insulated drinking tube offers extra durability and UV protection. It helps to keep the tube clean and prevents bacteria growth inside the tube.

Configr8 Compatible

These bladders are made to fit into select Zac Speed packs.

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Choose either the HydraPak 2L or SOURCE 3L hydration bladder for your next adventure

Advanced performance with usable hydration

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