Frequently asked questions

Our products are very unique, built to last and are customisable. Therefore we know you would have a question or two about our products, warranty information and how they work!

Back Pack Information

1 Is the CONFIGR8 System compatible with the older generation EXOTEC pack systems?

The answer is YES and No. Yes, the new CONFIGR8 Chest protectors will fit straight onto the older packs. NO, the POV and OCTANE Tech vest will not fit the older EXOTEC back packs. If you’re not sure or we have confused you please drop us an email at info@zacspeed.com and we will talk you through it.


1 Is the CONFIGR8 System compatible with the older generation EXOTEC pack systems?


2Can the Matrix tool pack be integrated to the backpack when the Chest plate is being used?

No, The chest plate uses the 38mm quick release buckles required for the tool pack to be integrated – However the Matrix tool pack has been designed with a removable tool roll insert that allows you to easily load your tools from the Tool pack into the back pack for this reason. Please also remember that the Matrix tool pack can be worn independently of the backpack as it has it’s own waist belt extension.


1Why are some elements of the CONFIGR8 pack system not compatible with older packs?

To give the POV Harness and OCTANE Tech Vest the adjustable range they need for a perfect fit, we needed to lower the ladder lock system in the backpack for more adjustability. As a result the harnesses are longer, so when fitted to the older style backpack with a higher positioned ladder lock system the harness cannot be shortened enough for a secure comfortable fit. In some cases, taller larger users the POV and OCTANE tech vest can be worn with older pack models. As a general rule you need to be taller than 5’10” with a medium to solid build for comfortable fit. Please contact us at info@zacspeed.com for more guidance if required. We do recommend you take your early model pack to a dealer a dealer to confirm the fit works for you if not sure.

2Can I fit a new CONFIGR8 pack to an older generation chest plate?

Yes – However, you will first need to upgrade the shoulder guards to the new CONFIGR8 model. They are available as an optional spare part.

3 Why can’t I fit the old chest plate to the new CONFIGR8 backpack?

The older shoulder guards have a much shorter ladder lock strap and as such will not reach the new lower positioned attach point of the CONFIGR8 pack system. This is solved by upgrading to the new EXOTEC CONFIGR8 shoulder guards sold separately as an accessory if required, they are available in M/L and XL/XXL sizes.


1 I would like to apply for sponsorship from Zac Speed. How do I apply?

When we are after new recruits we will advertise on our website, so check the site regularly for updates!

Store / Ordering Information

1How long will my order take to arrive?

Product purchased from Zac Speed store is shipped by Express Post International and can take up to 3-7 working days.

2What is the return/refund policy for a website purchase?

We have a 100% satisfaction policy. If for some reason you are not satisfied with a shipped order (does not fit correctly, not as described, faulty, just not happy etc), please contact us at info@zacspeed.com with your reason for return. We have a 14 day (from date of receipt) return policy for product that has been shipped from the Zac Speed online store. If you purchased your product from a retailer please return it to the point of purchase. Product returned to Zac Speed is shipped at the cost of the return sender. The value reimbursed to the purchaser is the cost of the product being returned only. Goods must be returned in their original condition, with all tags and labels attached. Goods may be tried on for fit but must be otherwise unworn. Goods must be returned unsoiled or undamaged and must include the original receipt.

3Colours on the website- how accurate are they?

Actual fabric colours and textures may vary from those depicted on the website. All attempts are made to ensure colour accuracy on screen but variations in individual’s computer and screen setup will result in unavoidable variations.

4What is the ZAC SPEED online store pricing policy?

We try to keep our prices consistent with the recommended retail price (AU$) in our dealer network. Occasionally, our pricing may be slightly different due to special promotions or mark downs that are only available through our online store. Special product markdowns or promotions that appear within our online store are only available when ordering online unless otherwise stated.