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Coreflex Harness

CoreFlex “Race Harness” Developed with our team riders to offer a secure dynamically expanding harness for the most physically demanding conditions, the Core Flex harness is the perfect upgrade for the hardcore adventurer.

The COREFLEX Harness comes standard on Comp 2 and Comp 3 packs.


Configr8 Compatible

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Race-orientated harness, made for performance



Off-Road Aventure Focused back pack, for a day in the trails.

The most physically demanding conditions require a harness built for those conditions. This race-orientated harness expands under load so you’re at one with your pack.

Racing harness developed with team riders

We’ve tried and tested the CoreFlex harness with Zac Speed Racing team riders to create a dynamic harness that flows with you as you ride. With an expandable feature allowing additional flex, the CoreFlex harness comes standard on our two race-focused packs the Comp 2 and Comp 3.

Race the competition

Race orientated, dynamic harness, built for you

The CoreFlex harness uses the ladder lock system, so fitting the product to other Configr8 products such as Zac Speed packs is a breeze. It allows you to change size effortlessly. So, depending on your riding wear, this pack can adapt to your needs for whatever race.

With the CoreFlex harness, the ability to race with confidence is huge. We understand the large loads that shift through your body (and pack) during time of competition, so to give you the edge, the CoreFlex has built in dynamic expansion to compensate.

Additional comfort and support allows this to be one of the best racing harnesses out there.

Configr8 Compatible

The CoreFlex is able to be used with any Configr8 pack.

Best suited for:

Race orientated performance

Race with confidence

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Your race day advantage has arrived, and the CoreFlex is designed to perform.

CoreFlex harness is a racing hero.

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