Zac Speed

Comp 3 Pack

Compact racing pack with CoreFlex™ technology


Configr8 Compatible

Customise your pack with Configr8


Race Orientated

Low profile pack born for race and competition.

3L Hydration Bladder

The 3L SOURCE hydration system keeps you hydrated for your longer.


Litre Pack Capacity

One stash pocket to keep your valuables.

Included with the Comp 3:

Coreflex Harness

CoreFlex “Race Harness” Developed with our team riders to offer a secure dynamically expanding harness for the most physically demanding conditions, the CoreFlex harness is the perfect upgrade for the hardcore adventurer. Tailor your fit perfectly with 9 adjustable harness settings.

The COREFLEX Harness comes standard on Comp 2 and Comp 3 packs.


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Comp 3

Grey / black

Comp 3

Race ready, aerodynamic, and action packed

The Zac Speed Comp 3 has 4L of storage capacity, built for racing. If you need a backpack developed for short, high performance, extreme competition then this is for you. 

As standard, the Comp 3 is fitted with our dynamic Coreflex Race Harness and removable waist belt. The Zac Speed Comp 3 features an all important stash pocket for essential items such as your phone, wallet or keys. The light-weight, minimal construction of the Comp 3 is slightly larger than our Comp 2 pack.


For hydration, the Comp 3 is fitted with a SOURCE 3L Hydration Bladder, that allows up to 3 litres of hydration. This is a high quality design, and with a quick release hose, for easy install and removal.

A removable waist belt allows for extra secure fit (if needed) and seamless integration into Configr8 options available for this pack.

Lightweight, minimal design and a stealth-black graphics

The Comp 3 has some of the best features on any race-orientated pack. With a high quality design, featuring a subtle black design, you’ll love these features of the Comp 3:

  • Light weight minimal construction
  • Fully ergonomic harness fit.
  • CoreFlex Dynamic expansion Race harness.
  • YKK Zips.
  • 3L SOURCE Bladder Hydration system.
  • Fully CONFIGR8 Compatible.
  • Premium Neoprene Insulation sleeve
  • Quick release Hose
  • Duraflex buckles
  • Race Fit removable elastic waist belt.
  • Key/wallet/snack stash pocket
  • Moulded EVA back panel

Option your Comp 3 with Configr8

Configure your Zac Speed pack with genuine Configr8 accessories. Want to find out more?

Product Comparison

Comp 2

Comp 2

Zac Speed Race Pack
  • Race Orientated
  • DuraFlex Buckles
  • CoreFlex Expansion Race Harness
  • Moulded EVA Back Panel
  • YKK Zips
  • Configr8 Compatible
  • 3L Storage Capacity
  • 2L HydraPak Hydration System
Comp 3

Comp 3

Zac Speed Race Pack
  • Race Orientated
  • DuraFlex Buckles
  • CoreFlex Expansion Race Harness
  • Moulded EVA Back Panel
  • YKK Zips
  • Configr8 Compatible
  • 4L Storage Capacity
  • 3L SOURCE Hydration System

Comp 3

Comp 3 Pack Features

3L Insulated SOURCE Hydration Bladder System

Stay hydrated with this premium hydration solution

The 3L SOURCE Hydration System is the premium hydration system for your Zac Speed adventure. With loads of features, this is the perfect bladder for the Comp 3.

Hydrate on the go with Zac Speed and the SOURCE hydration system, with 3L of liquid storage, it’s perfect for a day adventure or longer. The Comp packs also comes with an additional bladder insulation sleeve to keep your hydration cooler, longer.

Featuring weave-covered drinking tube that blocks UV radiation, a Helix bite valve to prevent dripping and leaking, is BPA-free and Taste-Free giving no plastic aftertaste – this is the perfect race hydration solution.

Premium YKK Zips

YKK zip hardware is just the beginning

Featuring premium quality fit and finish hardware, the Comp 3 includes YKK zips and DuraFlex buckles, so that when you’re out racing you can rely on the pack withstanding and retaining its premium quality feeling.

Essential items stash pocket

Keep your keys, wallet or phone handy

What will you include in your Comp 3 stash pocket? We’ve built in this easy access pocket to keep your phone, wallet or keys. But hey, that’s us, the choice is yours!

Moulded BioFoam Back Panel

Increased airflow – increased comfort

Another great feature of the Zac Speed Comp 3 is the moulded back panel allowing increased air flow reducing rider fatigue.

Race Pack

Built for speed

Zac Speed Comp 3. Increased storage for intermediate distances

The Recon S3 is Zac Speed’s intermediate distance rides and is a mid sized pack.


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Comp 3

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