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Legacy Harness

For everyday use, we’ve developed the world-class Zac Speed Legacy harness. As a harness built from the ground up, this is considered our standard harness engineered for regular use on and off-road. Included is our unique ladder-lock system to adjust the fit of the harness to fit your body exactly how you need it to.

The Legacy Harness is supplied with the Sprint, Recon and Dakar as standard, but its versatility allows it to be adapted with any Zac Speed Configr8 pack.


Configr8 Compatible

Customise your pack with Configr8


White-Off Road


Off-Road Aventure Focused back pack, for a day in the trails.



Off-Road Aventure Focused back pack, for a day in the trails.



Off-Road Aventure Focused back pack, for a day in the trails.

The ladder lock system allows you the ultimate in comfort with the Legacy Harness.

Made for every journey

Such is the construction and consideration of the Legacy Harness, it’s built to be a solid performer in most adventures. With the ability to be just as capable on the street as the dirt, the Legacy Harness with its Ladder Lock system can be adjusted for comfort.

Featuring Duraflex buckles, the quality of this harness is extremely high.

Built for everyday

The Legacy Hanress: your go-to harness

The Legacy Harness is a staple for all Zac Speed riders. Because it uses the Configr8 system, the Legacy harness can be adapted to all Configr8 Zac Speed packs.

While this harness is standard on some Zac Speed packs, it can also be fitted to other packs, including the Comp 2 and Comp 3. This is a harness for everyday use, and therefore made for so many adventures you wish to take. This one is a must have.

Configr8 Compatible

The Legacy Harness can be fitted to all Zac Speed Configr8 packs. Add it to your collection.

Best suited for:

Off-Road adventure use


The Recon S-3 has been designed for intermediate distance rides and is a mid sized pack. 


The Dakar pack has been designed for those rides where you find yourself a long way from home.

Ride with protection

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Built from the ground up just for you.

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