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Brand new Rapide

The All New Rapide street pack takes a quantam leap in design innovation. With the Ultra comfortable “Hyper Hinge” dynamic back panel and integrated back protection you won’t just need to wear it – You will want to wear it!

For short competition rides the Comp 2 racing backpack is the perfect minimalist two litre hydration system.

The COMP 3 is the ultimate three litre performance pack equiped with the Corflex race harness, racing just got real.

Comfort redefined – The street pack that makes you want to take the long way around.

The Sprint packs low profile is purposely designed for short, fast competition rides with quick access external pockets.

The mid-sized Recon pack has been designed for intermediate distance rides when extra storage is required.

The Dakar pack is the ultimate adventure sized pack with ample storage options, the road ahead just got longer.

Your CONFIGR8 Configurable Pack System offers a new way to optimise how you use your pack. The quick tool free interchangeable harness system allows you flexibility like never before – Configure your pack with more storage up front at the same time as improving weight distribution and balance. Or, integrate chest protection whilst reducing the load effect and improving comfort or just keep it stock and use the nine adjustable settings on the standard Legacy Harness to offer supreme comfort and fit.




POV Harness

The POV (Point Of View) quick fit Harness allows you to add Action Cameras or lighting to your adventure thanks to a fully integrated universal mount.

Matrix Tool Pack

Our Matrix Tool Pack offers a secure, dynamic storage system, ideal for carrying tools with the convenience of a removable tool roll. Integrate with your pack or wear alone.

Octane Tech Vest

Octane Tech Vest

Need to increase your storage? The Octane Tech Vest does just that, upgrading the amount you can carry with perfect weight distribution and heavy duty padding.

Lets configure your pack with Configr8

With Configr8, you can configure your pack with versatile accessories tailored to your Zac Speed back pack. Seen the Configr8 logo on a product? It’s fully ready to be customised exactly to your liking.

This is the Zac Speed mantra that we live and breath by.

By “Today” We mean now. Not tomorrow, not some day – Now!

By “We”, we mean You, Your mates, your mates mates and their mates – The Legion!

By “Ride”, we mean, go out get dirty, laugh, cry, come home better than when you left.

Configurable Pack Systems

Not all packs are created equal


Your Zac Speed backpack is configurable with Configr8 accessories.

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Harness options built for your ride

Change harnesses with ease based on how, where or what you ride. Discover our harness range!

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