Ride the night

Night Vis Strap

Ride with confidence in the night or low-light with your Rapide, with the addition of the Night Vis Strap. Add or remove to your Rapide within seconds to add a reflective element to your pack. This safety feature is great for increased visibility when on the street.


Configr8 Compatible

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Night Vis Strap is made for the streets, reflecting environmental lights

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Rapide specified

Constructed to clip straight into your Zac Speed Rapide pack.

Increased Safety

The Night Vis Strap can be connected within seconds, making it perfect for low-light environments and inclement weather.

Ready for day or night

The Night Vis Strap fits directly onto your Zac Speed Rapide pack within seconds. The beauty of this, is the ability to change the visibility of your Rapide depending on conditions.

We know how quickly on the streets weather can change, lighting conditions can decrease and day turns to night. The beauty of the Night Vis Strap is the ability to adapt it to the Rapide quickly. So, the next time you’re stuck in low-light conditions, you can simply clip the strap onto your Rapide and continue on your ride with confidence.


Ride with protection

Be visible on your commute, in day or night

Riding as a commuter on the streets is increasing in popularity every day, and at Zac Speed we try and incorporate as much safety as possible. That’s why we developed the Night Vis Strap for our street pack – Rapide.

We know the safety concerns our riders have in low-light conditions, and reflection is one way of combating these safety concerns. The ability to quickly attach the Night Vis Strap to the Rapide allows for additional safety and visibility for traffic, other cyclists and commuters.

Configr8 Compatible

Additional visibility for your Rapide with the Night Vis Strap.

Best suited for:

Street use

Comfort redefined – The street pack that makes you want to take the long way to work.

Ride with protection

Purchase your Night Vis Strap

Additional safety for the clip-on Night Vis Strap. Be seen in low-light conditions.

Attach the Night Vis Strap to my Rapide:

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